Thank you so much for joining Nitty and our Cardfight Vanguard club. We are hosting special giveaways for our club members! There are multiple giveaways so please read the details carefully below. These events will keep running until we reach each prize or otherwise noted here.
Event 1: When we reach certain member counts, we will give away a certain amount of free prizes. Chances of winning increases as our member count rises. The winners will be randomly selected once the member count has been reached.
For example: Reach 25 members and we will give away 5 packs randomly from the first 25 members that join.
If you win a prize, you can still win the next tier prize as well. The events are for US Residents only. A video displaying the winners will be posted on nitty once the member count has been reached, so stay tuned!

Event One:
Tier 1: 25 members – 5 Free Packs
Tier 2: 50 members – 10 Free Packs
Tier 3: 100 members – 20 Free Packs

Event Two:
Refer your friends to Nitty and the Cardfight Vanguard club to get a free pack for Sovereign Star Dragon. Simply have your friends join this club and post a Cardfight Vanguard related post with a # of the name of the friend who referred you.
For example: Hey everyone, here is a picture of my current deck. I was referred by #bnis
As soon as you hit 5 referrals, message me here and I will get the pack to you. I will post when this event is expired.

Secret Events:
We have put many Easter Eggs Events in this club. When certain members do certain things, they will win certain prizes. If no one is winning any of these Secret Events, I will post hints for you to figure them out.
Here is the 1st hint to a Secret Event: The first person to give XX likes in this club receives a free pack.