I guess I

I guess I might as well try to sell some of my pics lol

We are now

We are now open for selling logos, from Ready ones to Customize ones. We accept any kinds of logos, from Anime Logos, Personal Logos, to Professional ones.

Here are some preview for the ready anime logos. […]

This is cute

This is cute clothes for girls~~ If you like it, talk with me, please. All seven outfits together are $250! #clothes #fashion

A poster of

A poster of tokyo ghoul

Ikon fan made

Ikon fan made postcards
$1 each
– shipping in the US is $0.50 of you want it to come in a regular envelope without tracking. If you would like it to come in a bubble mailer […]

35 each set

$35 each set shipped in the US only.

Some pictures for

Some pictures for sale

Marcello Bellei Modena

Marcello Bellei (Modena, Italy)

This gifted maker trained with the Scrollavezzas in Parma and worked for a number of important makers before opening his own workshop three years ago in Modena. His workmanship is elegant and […]

TAICHI Collagen pure

TAICHI Collagen pure 100% from marine fish



If anyone would

If anyone would like my pic as a screensaver or whatever go right ahead. It’ll only cost $1.

#Rena #support #screensaver #otaku #digitalart #originalcharacter #badass #anime #manga #Animegirl #otaku4life #wallpaper

Titleist Vokey SM6

Titleist Vokey SM6 Wedges #