BTS billboard Jimin

#BTS billboard #Jimin

Cover of Times

Cover of Times magazine (asian edition) – Lists of “Next Generation Leaders” #BTS

I did this

I did this and it’s based off of bts’a wings album

OMG Idol

OMG! #Idol

Happy birthday Namjoon

Happy birthday Namjoon! Best leader this group could ask for!

BTS looking good

#BTS looking good in white

Bubble BTS

Bubble #BTS

Hello I ve

Hello! I’ve created this Club for people who enjoy Teardowns, Hacking, and helping others find solutions to their problems!

Nobody is better

Nobody is better at guitar than K.K. Slider. End of story.

Jungkook look so

#Jungkook look so good #BTS

This is cute

This is cute clothes for girls~~ If you like it, talk with me, please. All seven outfits together are $250! #clothes #fashion