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This is super

This is super adorable!!! I’m not a huge fan on the colour pink but if Lopunny actually looked like this I wouldn’t mind at all, the design is rlly pretty, I like it. Just everything […]

If you had

If you had to choose which teacup would you pick?



One of my

One of my favourite Pokemon ships are Jolteon x Sylveon What’s you’re favourite Pokemon ship?

You should really

You should really get this app, it’s super good, free to download, making severs, meeting people, sending links n stuff and chatting to ppl too. I’m pretty active on discord so if you want a […]

Who do you

Who do you like most? Lyra heartstrings or Bon Bon/ sweetie drops?

Let s make

Let’s make this post 20% cooler~

Some cool fusions

Some cool fusions

I did this

I did this fusion of cubone and articuno. Hope you like it

Did this a

Did this a long time ago



Hi everyone how

Hi everyone how are u all doing, hope ur doing well! Srry I haven’t been on for a while, I have been very busy but if u would like to keep in contact with me […]