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Who s your

Who’s your favourite? Mitzi or Dehilla? Srry idk how to spell there names

KittyDog fan art

KittyDog fan art yaaaaay!~ Note: these aren’t mine

Who s your

Who’s your favourite starter? #Litten #Popplio #Rowlet

This is bootiful

This is “bootiful” ha get it cuz of its.. U know.. I’ll leave now ._.

Who do u

Who do u like lil tori or big tori?

More KittyDog 0u0

More KittyDog!!!! 0u0

Who is the

Who is the more sexy/cute/beautiful Pokemon? Lopunny or Gardevoir? Plz comment your opinions

I wonder what

I wonder what pikachu is thinking~? ;3

That is one

That is one fabulous cat -3-

I can t

I can’t understand how B&TIM got so popular that quick!? Anyways I love the game and the characters.

Ik ppl hate

Ik ppl hate feather bangs cuz he’s pretty much like another Justin but a pony version, don’t get me wrong I hate Justin but I rlly like this character, he was so honest in the […]

If your ever

If your ever getting tired of someone just send them this.